Next generation Solartron Orbit ETHIM is available now

水曜日, 10月 19, 2022

The new Orbit® Ethernet Interface Module (ETHIM) is now available from Solartron.

The next-gen ETHIM 2.0 is faster, offers improved usability, enables greater precision and is cheaper than the ETHIM 1.0.

How ETHIM 2.0 improves the Orbit
® user experience

Our Orbit® Ethernet Interface Module technology is an alternative to the Orbit® USB Interface Modules, allowing you to connect personal computers to the Orbit® network using an Ethernet device. 

ETHIM 2.0 is a notable upgrade on its predecessor (ETHIM 1.0), reflecting our commitment to investing in and offering quality metrology measurement sensors and technology and to providing a high standard of customer service.

The new Orbit® Ethernet Interface Module can be used to interface all of our Orbit® modules and sensors.

How the Orbit® ETHIM 2.0 makes the user experience faster

Connecting to 200 Orbit® modules, the Solartron ETHIM 2.0 gives our ethernet interface technology dynamic capability for the first time, at 3906 readings per module per second, delivering a faster and more accurate gauging application user experience.

Mirroring the performance of the Orbit® USB Interface Modules, ETHIM 2.0 also offers multi-measurement mode capability, including two dynamic modes and basic, difference, buffered and readburst modes.

In addition, ETHIM 2.0 is capable of reading at low (187.5 kb/s), high (1.5 mb/s) and ultra-high (2.25 mb/s) Orbit® network output speeds, further enhancing the user experience.

How ETHIM 2.0 delivers an improved user experience

At the same time as offering greater speed, ETHIM 2.0 is easier to use, offering an improved user experience. Critically, the new module is not dependent on driver software, which means that Windows updates can no longer affect performance.

ETHIM 2.0 requires the Orbit® Support Pack for Windows 2.0.0 or later.

Why the Orbit® ETHIM 2.0 will cost you less

Our new Ethernet Interface Module technology is available at a lower price than the previous version. This means that all of the Orbit® measurement modules and sensors can be supported at a lower cost.

By removing the need for third-party components in the Orbit® ETHIM 2.0, the price of which rises over time, we have developed a more affordable product and we are passing on these savings to our customers.

Find out more about the next-gen Orbit® ETHIM 

Take a look at the Solartron Orbit ETHIM 2.0 brochure and find out more about our new Orbit® Ethernet Interface Module technology.




The Solartron ETHIM 2.0 Orbit® Ethernet Interface Module is available now.

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