The use of LVDTs in measuring bicycle components

火曜日, 5月 11, 2021


Bicycle manufacture is a multi-billion-dollar global industry and LVDT technology is helping to deliver the performance and innovation that is fuelling the growth of this market. 

Demand for bicycles is being driven by game-changing product development and by the environmental and economic benefits of this mode of transport. Within the bicycle manufacturing process, metrology tools play a key role in ensuring product standards and in facilitating design and functionality advances. 


LVDT technology and bicycle component manufacture


The global bicycle industry comprises a wide range of product sectors, such as on-road and track bikes, off-road bicycles, X-road and hybrid bikes, and manual bicycles and motor-assisted bikes. 

Regardless of the type of bicycle on the production line, it is imperative that every component meets strict size, performance and safety requirements. Bike sales, brand reputation and profitability depend on it. 

Precision-measurement sensor technology is vital to achieving the high level of accuracy, reliability and repeatability that is needed to deliver products that meet these standards and make the right impact on the market. 



Metrology tool applications in bicycle manufacturing


The manufacture of bicycles is becoming increasingly sophisticated as interest in areas such as mountain biking and road cycling continues to grow rapidly and the gap between professional and amateur cycling technology continues to narrow. 

Another major growth area in bicycles is electronic bikes, with manufacturers working hard to meet strong demand for fully or partly motorised bicycles. The emergence and popularity of e-scooters is also pushing development in this area particularly hard. 

What all these types of bicycles have in common is awkwardly shaped and tight components, whose dimensions are difficult to measure and test. This is one of the main areas where displacement sensor technology is vital to bicycle manufacturing. 

It is essential that components are accurately measured and rigorously checked, and that this activity is carried out quickly and efficiently, often on a large scale. It is also vital that measurement data is easily retrievable and accessible. Displacement sensors and digital measurement systems are integral to providing this manufacturing functionality. 

Bicycle component production and the role of the right metrology partner  


In a fast-growing and increasingly competitive bicycle manufacturing industry, manufacturing process standards are very important, and key to achieving high standards are quality metrology tools. The right metrology solutions partner will make sure that you have them. 

The right precision-measurement sensor supplier will have expertise and experience, and offer the range of sensors that ensure that you have the bicycle manufacturing LVDT applications that are best suited to your needs and that deliver the product quality you want. 


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