Orbit Power Supplies and Accessories

Orbit Accessories
  • Replacement Gaiters
  • Imperial Adapter Sleeves
  • Clamping Collets
  • Right angle adapters

Replacement Gaiters: Gaiters can be replaced when damaged. Only pneumatic push probes require gaiter rings Retrofit Right Angle Adaptor: For use with spring push gauging probes Imperial Adaptor Sleeves: Adapter Sleeves can be used to increase the body diameter of 8mm sensors to 9.512 (3/8”). Available in lengths from 12 to 127 mm.Available with or without a split. Clamping Collet: For use with all 8 mm diameter probes. The clamping collet distributes the clamping forces evenly around the probe body. Using the supplied grub screw, the probe can be loosened while holding the collet in place