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Digital Measurement Orbit Modules and Gateways
  • ETHIM2 Ethernet Orbit® Interface Modules
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) Orbit® Interface Modules
  • RS232 Orbit® Interface Modules
  • Solartron offer a number of different Orbit Controllers to interface with PC’s. These are summarised below:

    Note 1 The USB Interface Modules can power up to 4 Orbit Modules of most types.
    Some products require additional power supply modules
    Note 2 Readings per second for up to 16 modules
    Note 3 See measurement mode table

    The Ethernet Interface Modules and USB Interface Modules provide full functional control of the Orbit3 system and supports all modes of data capture at full speed. These are the recommended Interface Modules for new installations unless wireless is a requirement then consider the Wireless Interface Module however this does not support all modes. RS232 is not recommended for new systems

    For further details on the ETHIM 2 please follow the link

    For further details on the USB please follow the link

    All of these controllers work with Solartron’s Gauge Computer Software which performs basic measurement functions, includes user programmable equations, mastering and SPC.

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