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LVDT and Half Bridge Conditioning Electronics
  • Conditioning Electronics to convert LVDT to analogue voltage output
  • OD Series Boxed LVDT Conditioning Units  
  • DRC Din Rail LVDT Conditioning Units  
  • IN Line LVDT Conditioning
  • All Half Bridge displacement sensors compatible with the above

Solarton Metrology provides a range of linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) and Half Bridge conditioning electronic units. These convert LVDT signals or Half Bridge signals to either voltage or current outputs which can be connected to third party instrumentation.
Conditioning units are required to connect to displacement sensors to instruments like a voltmeter or an A/D card for a PC.

LVDT and Half Bridge Conditioning electronics

Solarton Metrology provides a set up service where a displacement transducer is supplied, connected to and calibrated with conditioning electronics.