Inductive Transducer Accessories

  • Replacement Gaiters
  • Imperial Adapter Sleeves
  • Clamping Collets
  • Right angle adapters
  • Extention Cables

Replacement Gaiters: Gaiters can be replaced when damaged. Only pneumatic push probes require gaiter rings Retrofit Right Angle Adaptor: For use with spring push gauging probes. Imperial Adaptor Sleeves: Adapter Sleeves can be used to increase the body diameter of 8mm sensors to 9.512 (3/8”). Available in lengths from 12 to 127 mm. Available with or without a split. Clamping Collet: For use with all 8 mm diameter probes. The clamping collet distributes the clamping forces evenly around the probe body. Using the supplied grub screw, the probe can be loosened while holding the collet in place. Extension Cables for analogue sensors with 5 pin DIN 240° connectors are available for LVDR and Half Bridge Types.