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Hardness Testing of Materials Using Miniature Displacement Transducers

Solartron Metrology SM transducers are designed for measuring displacement in applications where infinite resolution and repeatability are required in very small size.

Manufacturers producing mechanical testing instruments and welding machines must gather data to measure physical displacement. Solartron Metrology’s products are suitable for this type of application due to their rugged construction and high accuracy.

Hardness testers are used to measure the density of hard alloy, carbon steel, alloy steel and non-ferrous metals. Compact dimensions of sensors were needed for easy when incorporating the sensors into the machines.

SM probes were used to measure the physical displacement of the tool tip as it produces an indentation in the surface of the item under test. Data from the SM probe and the force sensor is then used by the CPU to calculate the hardness of the material under test. The calculated hardness reading is then displayed on the testing machine’s integrated read-out.