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Gauging of Turbine Mount

Solartron Metrology offers high precision digital sensors to meet aerospace supplier needs in gauge mount. In the aerospace industry, an engine component such as a turbine blade is often cast, and then machined to the proper dimensions, via a CNC.  To check specifications after the initial setup, the operator removes the blade from the CNC, then has it checked by a CMM in a Quality Lab.  Depending on the workload for the CMM, the operator can wait for hours or in some cases a day to perform a check. This is costly, as the blades cannot be re-machined until the specifications are verified.

Solartron digital probes helps to do quicker throughput, lower labor cost and data collection with Orbit Network.

A Solartron digital probe is built for tough environments, with a stainless-steel casing, high precision bearings, and excellent sideload strength. Each probe is calibrated throughout its mechanical range in our State of the Art factory.