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Connect Orbit to 3rd party software training videos

A Solartron Orbit Network – a total measurement solution

The Orbit® digital displacement and gauging sensors combines the proven reliability of LVDT type sensors with increased performance.

Orbit is not just about LVDT type sensors, Solartron offer many other Orbit products that allow 3rd party sensors to be easily integrated to form a measurement system

Orbit® provides the way forward for all precision measurement or positioning needs, on the production line or in the laboratory. The Orbit® system architecture consists of a rugged mechanical design coupled with a high degree of electrical protection and excellent noise immunity, ensuring valid accurate data when it is needed. Orbit® processes and transmits clean, repeatable data from sensors at high speeds of up to 3906 readings per second.

Below are links to a new section of Orbit Training Videos.  These are for connecting Orbit to 3rd party software, or building your own individual program using the Orbit Library.   It also walks you through Orbit Suite and demonstrates the different measurement modes in more detail.

Part A - This walks you through installing the Orbit Drivers and showing the various sections of the Orbit Suite.  It also demonstrates the steps for connecting our various Interface modules.  It shows the Orbit Library, and the many programming examples that are included.

Part B - This video demonstrates Orbit Library Test, which is not only a program built with the Orbit Library, but also a great demonstrator of the different Measurement modes and features on the Orbit Network.

Part C - This video demonstrates how is possible to update the firmware for an Orbit module in the field.  

Part D – This video is a demonstration of connecting Orbit Network to Labview